5G-FORCE proves a common open research platform for exploring and for verifying the new 5G technology and for developing new algorithms and vertical applications.

5G-FORCE will embrace the major future mobile core network technologies and will enable the end-to-end testing of those technologies and services.

5G-FORCE brings together multidisciplinary competences on radio, networking, computer science, IT, cloud technologies and new IoT services to cooperate and bear on the opportunities that make use the new technology. 5G-FORCE provides the required platform ecosystem for the industry to be able to maintain its competitive advantage.

5G-FORCE goal is to fill the gap between laboratory-based 5G testing environments and commercial network deployments, and offer trialing support and tailored infrastructure configurations for telecom and vertical industries and scientific community and strengthen Finnish ecosystem position in B5G R&D and utilization of 5G, AI and wireless mesh networks.

5G-FORCE integrates different wireless vertical networks used for different use cases, such as building automation, lightning control, and asset or personal tracking as part of overall 5G test network provides new innovative playground for developing future 5G services and solutions as well as provides research platform how to integrate different communication and networking systems to overall future networks.

Ingredients for successful 5G/6G  research

1) Get smart and multidisciplinary people together

2) Remove silos and build common research infrastructure

3) Build Open platform that supports verticals and external partners